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About Us

We are an independent theatre cooperative, made up of like minded individuals that have a passion for acting. The company was established in Kent in 2016 and to date we have given over 200 performances.

We have staged our murder mysteries in hotels, restaurants, theatres, halls and even a church, we are adaptable and will perform just about anywhere!

All our scripts are self penned and researched to portray the period of the murder mystery setting as accurately as possible . With a Gumshoe murder mystery, your guests are guaranteed a fun evening of top quality entertainment and intrigue.


What We Offer

If you're looking for great entertainment either for a corporate event, a charity fund raiser, private party or hospitality event, we can provide a stand-out murder mystery to keep your guests intrigued, amused and involved.

Our thought provoking, original dramas are real ice-breakers, Performances are structured so your guests can enjoy their meal between acts: they are then given the opportunity to become detectives themselves at the end of the evening and try and guess 'who dunnit'!

Whether it be a private dining event or a corporate party we promise to deliver a show stopping evening filled with intrigue and suspicion. We can tailor the evening to suit your needs.

Please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you with all details and pricing.

After 3 years we still maintain a 100% return rebooking, so we must be doing something pleasing.


Dress to Impress

Each mystery is  set in a particular era, so if guests wish to get involved by dressing  up in appropriate costumes, we encourage them to do so (although it is not compulsory!) but adds to the overall feel of the evening.

Mystery dates, 1913, 1928,1941, 1955, 1965 and our Gothic/Halloween.

Our mysteries

Murder at Gaddabout Manor

Murder at Gaddabout Manor

Murder at Gaddabout Manor


When Sir Roger Gaddabout, entrepreneur and philanderer, decides to hold an impromptu dinner party, his guests are intrigued to find out why. 

The discovery of a body in the library requires the expertise of Inspector Carstairs to find out who the murderer is. Hidden truths and lies come to light in this stylish 1928 ‘whodunit’. 

Murder on the Mauretania

Murder at Gaddabout Manor

Murder at Gaddabout Manor


In 1913 Lord and Lady Havelot are among the passengers on the Mauretania as she sails to New York. Inspector Perrier is also on board enjoying a well-earned rest. This is unfortunately curtailed as a murder is committed. Join the passengers on the sumptuous Mauretania as she crosses the Atlantic, and discover which one is a killer.

Who Murdered Herr Gripp?

Murder at Gaddabout Manor

Who Murdered Herr Gripp?


On May 26th 1941, a German parachutist is spotted in fields near Dover. This news unsettles the local community especially the women of the WI. 

The discovery of a murdered body causes further disquiet.  DI Dunworthy arrives to investigate the murder. 

Dark secrets are revealed as events, which have remained hidden for many years, are unearthed. 

Live and Let Kill

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!

Who Murdered Herr Gripp?


Set in a hotel during the swinging 60's. James Blond is summoned by M to protect a newly married German scientist who worked for the Nazis during WW2. 

When the scientist is found dead in the honeymoon suite, Blond has very limited time to discover the murderer before the Cold War becomes even colder! Year 1965.

Gothic Murder Mystery

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!


A haunting tale of devilry and devious intent. When Baron Bludfest meets an untimely death, his house guests seek to find out who the murderer is. Guests are invited to dress in goulish attire for this Gothic horror murder mystery.

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!

A Murderous Night at the Oscars!


 It's 1955 and the glitterati are preparing for the Oscars. William B. Oppenheimer is up for best director and Sybil Clark for best actress. Tragically when one of the nominees is murdered Hollywood is shocked. Why not dress up into your 'glad rags' and join us in this glitzy 'whodunnit'.

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